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Content Creation

With social media fast becoming an undeniable force in the world of advertising and just generally how most people now consume their entertainment. This has made the need for an endless stream of content that is relevant and engaging. This takes a specialized combination of skills that we possesses as a team and as a result set Marathon Creative apart in the field. 


After consulting with our clients we create a solid, actionable plan to create and deliver the great and consistent content we all need for the fast and fickle world of social media.

Social Media Marketing

As this medium grows and expands its influence on how advertising and marketing is done. We strive to stay abreast with the newest and most effective tools available. We use analytics combined with an intimate understanding of what the trends are and what our clients' clients are attracted to online.

Our campaigns consist of clear goals, and a clear understanding of the targeted demographic of our clients. Making each campaign unique and creative that looks, likes and leads began to 'follow'.

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Ad Management 

Ads have always been the lifeblood of any marketing campaign. That fact remains. Which is why we create, in collaboration with our clients, fresh, well thought out, scroll stopping ads that really do a good job at relaying the given message and getting viewers to use that call to action.

Creating these ads is only half the battle. Once we have the campaign ready to go we then identify the needs and audience and build plans accordingly. Taking the guesswork out of the process because we are actively monitoring the newest trends social media has throw at us most recently. And creating and adjusting our ad-spend accordingly, per our predetermined goals.


Branding, we here at Marathon Creative feel, is the single most important aspect of any companies marketing. Its the outwardly facing element of the company so it needs to be solid and well thought out and expertly executed. We pride ourselves on being one of the best at doing exactly that.

Weather it be a new startup or an existing company that needs a total rebranding, we deliver a winning brand strategy that is complimentary to the businesses culture and values. Our branding guides are based on physiology, culture and a need to make a lasting impression for years to come.

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Web Development

We use the best available tools to design and implement web solutions that keep up with the robust nature of the online space of today's business world. Engaging websites with clear navigation and optimizes media that works in the most efficient and search engine friendly manner as possible. This keeps visitors there longer and helps convert to actual sales.

As technology advances we keep our clients web presence on the forefront of these emerging and ever changing trends and guidelines. We also ensure that our clients' websites are just as beautifully executed on mobile devices as well, as viewers are increasingly more likely to make first contact on their mobile devices.

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